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Fantasea Diving and Watersports

Start your snorkeling adventure at Fantasea Diving and Watersports!

Discover the underwater world with your snorkeling gear at Fantasea Diving and Watersports in BM. Bring your friends along with you and have fun watching the creatures underwater for two hours at only $69 per person. This fee includes admission to Snorkel Park Beach. If you want to make a reservation online, there is an additional fee of five dollars.


They also have diving, sightseeing adventures, cruises, eco adventure tours and private charters. You also get the chance to join the snorkeling team at Fantasea Diving and Watersports. Start your underwater adventures now!

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Little Blessings Nursery
Little Blessings Nursery Day Care Centers in BM

Bermuda's Premiere Childcare

With a fundamental philosophy of each individual child being important, Little Blessings Nursery in Bermuda is effective in advocating the development of your child, with teachers and care-givers that are parents themselves.


At Little Blessings Nursery, your child's development is covered in a wholesome approach, with all areas of life focused on, including intellect, emotions, social skills, creativity and even spirituality. You can rest-assured your child is in good hands, in a Christian based nursery.

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Little Angels Nursery & Preschool
Little Angels Nursery & Preschool Day Care Centers in BM

Giving Children the Best Start

Little Angels Nursery & Preschool in Bermuda offers child development via the implementation of the High Reach Learning Program, with a curriculum founded on the fundamentals of continuous child development, unique developmental stages in each child, building relationships and interactions and meaningful, active play that enhances learning.


Development is enhanced through effective use of music, fun/play and laughter, with children aged three months right up to four years catered to. Unannounced visits are encouraged in promotion of the open-door policy.

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Sweet Pea Nursery School
Sweet Pea Nursery School Day Care Centers in BM

Specialized Development is Key

With a focus on toddlers aged two and three years, Sweet Pea Nursery School in Bermuda prides itself in availing the highest quality in child care, paying special attention to the early development needs of children in preparation for the years to come.


A clean, fun, safe and stimulating nursing environment is the best gift you can give your child in their early childhood development, helping them to integrate socially and learn some developmental and intellectual skills they'll need in the future.

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BSmart Development Center
BSmart Development Center Day Care Centers in BM

Lots of Learning Programs to Choose From

BSmart Learning Center in Bermuda primarily offers programs which prepare your child for school, with a number of extra services available in addition to the mainstream, regular curriculums.


Depending on your individual child care service needs, you can choose between a number of stimulating and fun programs, such as the Smart After School Program, Piano and Voice Lessons, Parents' Night Off and a number of Summer Camp Programs. Children don't only have a place to go, but they also learn some valuable skills to use going forward.

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Cake Boutique Celebration

Cake with exceptional designs

 The company Cake Boutique Celebration is one of the best cake providers in Bermuda. The owner of the company is Kayo and she is a graduate of New England Culinary Institute, Vermont in Food and Beverage Management. The Cake Boutique Celebration helps the cake fantasy come true for any occasion, big or small. 


Contact Cake Boutique Celebration to get a cake with unique style and taste for any kind of party, program and occasion. 

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Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

Visit One of the Finest Science Museums of Bermuda

Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences is really a wonderful place. Especially to know about oceanography, marine science even about ocean health the place is really awesome. They offer events and programs for their students and visitors to showcase their research. You may go here for a wonderful experience about Bermuda's underwater elements. 


To know more you may visit the webpage of Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences or may contact them for courses. The place is really wonderful especially to learn about ocean science.

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Heritage Rose Garden

A rose garden with a wide range of old Bermuda roses!

 Heritage Rose Garden is an old and beautiful garden with wide varieties of old Bermuda roses. There are common varieties of roses grown here including tea roses, china roses, cottage roses, pricillas rose, bessies rose, noisettes and not limited to Bermuda specific roses like Belfield, Red Smith’s Parish, Kathleen.


The garden is otherwise called the ‘Rose Society Repository Garden’ under the care of Bermuda National Trust. This garden is a main attraction to the visitors and residents of Bermuda, where everyone enjoys a real exhibit of roses. 

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Bermuda Palm Grove Gardens

A beautiful garden with the moon gate!

 Palm Grove gardens is one of the elegant gardens with a wide array of palm trees such as Cuban royal palms, canary island palms, and trees as Sago and coconut. And, the parrots aviary gives more pleasure to the visitors.


A special in this garden is the moon gate, which is typically believed as “to bring the good fortune to the newly wed couples” as they pass through them. The garden also contributes to the small wedding parties and ceremonies. Last but not the least, the lily pond in the garden depicts the map of Bermuda in a dazzling style!

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Bacardi Limited

The company that has the leading brands of rum, spirits and winery in BM! 

Bacardi Limited has been one of the top winery establishments in the liquor industry for seven generations. Some of their well-known brands include Bacardi Rum, Bacardi Superior, Gray Goose Vodka and Martini.  


The founder, Don Facundo Bacardi, started in Cuba and bought a distillery, he got the ones that are made of cast iron and copper, with old barrels and old fermenting tanks. Then he also had many fruit bats hanging around the tinning roof at night. Who knew that these bats will be associated with Bacardi? The bat is used as a company logo in every bottle of Bacardi. 

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Anthony Pettit

Treasures in Antiquity

People who love to collect antiques will surely enjoy a visit to Anthony Pettit's antique store in Bermuda. They have different antique items from maps, books, paintings, letters, documents, manuscripts, pamphlets, bottles and flasks. They also have ephemera such as posters, brochures and photographs. The items they have are related to Bermuda.

Aside from the items listed above, they also have antique maps of Bellin, Baleu, Bonne, Bowen, Chatelain, Coronolli Gore, Covens, Fullarton and Colton. 

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Bermuda National Gallery

The Bermuda National Gallery – a people’s gallery

Located in a beautiful area, right in the center of Hamilton, the Bermuda National Gallery is where the entire Bermuda art collection can be found. Its doors were open for the first time in 1992 and now, after a little more than 20 years, it hopes to become a recognized name in the national art community. A remarkable number of artists were inspired by this cultural museum, by the exhibitions and the wide variety of educational programs held here.

The Bermuda National Gallery is open from Monday to Friday between 10 am and 4 pm and on weekends from 10 am to 2 pm. Unlike other cultural museums in Bermuda, here, the admission is free to all. 

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Bermuda Maritime Museum

Culture and fun for everyone!

When looking for fun and culture at the same time, Bermuda might just be the place to be! A perfect combination between a cultural museum and a fun place for the young ones, the Bermuda Maritime Museum has it all – an enormous 10-acre citadel filled with local history and legends, shipwreck artifacts and spectacular views! All of you who decide to visit this amazing cultural museum in Bermuda, will be even more surprised when you find out about the most popular attraction of all – the Dolphin Quest! Visitors can enjoy watching the dolphin show or they can book a private and special interactive program. 

The spring and summer schedule is between 9:30 am and 5 pm, every day. The ticket for an adult is $10, for seniors over 60 is $8 and children under 13 have a free entrance.  

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Triangle Diving

The Remarkable Underwater Experience!--T.R.U.E

 A lot of people are curious or would like to unlock the mystery of the famous story of the Bermuda Triangle. If you're one of them, here's your chance! Be captivated with this exciting experience in Triangle Diving. An underwater fun adventure you surely don't want to miss! From famous shipwrecks to thousands of underwater species, you'll definitely find a magnificent picture of the underwater world!


With affordable packages, packed with whole safety measures, fun and adventure, this scuba diving experience in Bermuda is perfectly fit for professional divers, family and group of friends who want to taste a different extreme excitement.  You will surely say every cent is worth it! A priceless experience that you won't just leave underwater.

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Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo

A more than 3 in 1 Adventure!

 Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo will be every child's favorite once they have experienced the full packed adventure it offers. From fun learning facilities to remarkable recreational activities, it is surely a blast! In this institution, children or students are not just sightseeing those wonderful exhibits and animal and plant species, but are also given a chance to volunteer and be part of this exciting world through Community Service on the facilities.


Aside from that, BAMZ also offers exciting curriculum fit for students who want to explore their potentialities and be able to unleash them in their tender young years. This is one great children's museum in Bermuda!

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Little Venice Wine Bar
Little Venice Wine Bar Best Bermuda Bars

For The Best Wining Experience in Bermuda

Wine lovers in Bermuda can now relax and enjoy the best wine collection on the island at the Little Venice Wine Bar. With different wines from Italy and many other places renowned for wine, this is the place to enjoy different types of wine from all over the world.


Little Venice Wine Bar is renowned as the home of the best wine in Bermuda serving all wine lovers for a very long time. Have a classy night out with friends at the Little Venice Wine Bar, and create unforgettable memories to last forever.

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The Pickled Onion
The Pickled Onion best bermuda bars

Cosmopolitan and Trendy Nightlife in Bermuda

Being an upscale nightspot in Bermuda, the Pickled Onion brings a cosmopolitan and trendy experience to every patron every night of the week. With a classy atmosphere and drinks to go all around with exquisite cuisines, the Pickled Onion has been dubbed one of Bermuda's best bars.


Have a great night at the Pickled Onion with friends or by yourself and become part of the much celebrated Bermuda nightlife as you dance and drink the night away.

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