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Gardens & Arboretums in Bermuda

If you would like to see some of the beautiful tropical flowers that can be found on the island of Bermuda, you should visit a garden and arboretum. Spend the day learning about different plants at one of these gardens and arboretums in Bermuda.

38 South Road, Devonshire Parish, BM


A beautiful garden with the moon gate!

 Palm Grove gardens is one of the elegant gardens with a wide array of palm trees such as Cuban royal palms, canary island palms, and trees as Sago and coconut. And, the parrots aviary gives more pleasure to the visitors.


A special in this garden is the moon gate, which is typically believed as “to bring the good fortune to the newly wed couples” as they pass through them. The garden also contributes to the small wedding parties and ceremonies. Last but not the least, the lily pond in the garden depicts the map of Bermuda in a dazzling style!

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2 Pomander Road, Paget, BM


A rose garden with a wide range of old Bermuda roses!

 Heritage Rose Garden is an old and beautiful garden with wide varieties of old Bermuda roses. There are common varieties of roses grown here including tea roses, china roses, cottage roses, pricillas rose, bessies rose, noisettes and not limited to Bermuda specific roses like Belfield, Red Smith’s Parish, Kathleen.


The garden is otherwise called the ‘Rose Society Repository Garden’ under the care of Bermuda National Trust. This garden is a main attraction to the visitors and residents of Bermuda, where everyone enjoys a real exhibit of roses. 

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South Road, Paget Parish, BM


A sensory garden for the blind!

Bermuda Botanical Garden and arboretum is one of the popular attractions in Bermuda. The garden is a 36 acre area surrounded by numerous trees, shrubs and plants. It also has different kinds of palm trees, hibiscus garden and rose garden.


A unique feature of this garden is ‘the sensory garden for the sightless people’. This sensory garden is filled with fragrant flowers and aromatic herbs that can be experienced by anyone, designed primarily for the people with visual impairments.

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South Road, Paget Parish, BM


A wonderful picnic spot inside the garden!

The Bermuda Botanical Garden is not only an attraction for visitors, it is also a great one day picnic spot for families. Inside the garden, there are picnic tables around to sit out, relax, and enjoy the beautiful garden with the nice aroma spread everywhere here.


The families bring their lunch basket and enjoy their day here. And the kids will love to visit the Rose Garden and the aviary inside the Botanical Garden, and spend their time too in this place with no boredom.      

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Queen Street, Hamilton, BM


A pleasant garden to visit and relax!

 The Par-la-Ville garden is located at the center of Hamilton, Bermuda. The garden was once the house of William Perot, the first Bermuda postmaster. It is a pleasant garden and welcomes the visitors with great pleasure.


The garden is filled with winding paths, shady trees and flower beds to relax the visitors to a great extent, in midst of their daily busy activities. Also, here there is a fish pond, roaming cats and a sculpture garden that looks awe-inspiring.  

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2 Pomander Road, Paget Central, BM


A garden at the footpath of harbor!

Waterville gardens are located on the edge of Hamilton Harbor that gives a stunning view to the visitors. The garden is tiny and seasonal with plants, shrubs, and bushes. Visitors to Hamilton Harbor will not resist coming to this garden to relax their tiresome day.


The shady paths through the plants area are a spectacular place to enjoy a leisurely stroll around the garden. From here, the attractive heritage rose garden can also be viewed in the distance. Largely, this is not one garden but a set of gardens from one place!

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, , BM


Bermuda collections of flower essences

The Green Hope Farm garden is Bermuda’s flower essences garden, filled with abundant flowers that grow in varying seasons. However the spring season is special to visit this garden and the visitors can find the flower essences as well.


The gardens have various categories of flower essences like desert collection, wild flower collection, rose garden collection, flower essence trios, animal wellness collection, farm collection and so on. Each collection serves a different purpose and the visitors can order the essences as their needs.

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Montpelier Road, Denvonshire, BM


A perfect place for bird watchers!

 The Montpelier arboretum is a beautiful place with a vast 22 acre area of dense trees, shrubs and walking trails. Though this is a little different from botanical gardens as there is no organization of trees and flower beds here, this is considered a perfect place for walkers, joggers, and exercise enthusiasts.


The arboretum is one of the ultimate locations in Bermuda for bird watchers, as this place is otherwise called bird sanctuary. Here, the visitors can enjoy viewing the rare blue birds, trilling cardinals and many more birds, along with their soft melodies. 

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PO Box 2116, Hamilton , BM


Botanical Society in Bermuda!

 Same as the Rose Society, Bermuda has a ‘Botanical Society’ where the objective is to encourage and support the study and promotion of the botanical sciences within Bermuda. The society itself has a small botanical garden inside!


The society offers various kinds of scholarships to the botanical gardens or their efforts towards greener environment. They welcome new members with great pleasure to join the society and volunteer for the garden activities in Bermuda.

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169 South Road, Paget parish, BM


A visitor to Bermuda, never miss out to visit the beautiful botanical garden here

The garden offers the guided tours on Mondays and Fridays at 10:30 AM, which goes around the rose garden, hibiscus garden, butterfly garden, and explores other areas of the Botanical Garden.


The guided tour escort explains the history of the gardens, along with their species growing seasons and the special nature of some of the significant garden plants, flowers and trees. The tour is really enjoyable by all the visitors of the garden as the place and information is new and magnificent! 

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169 South Road, Paget parish, BM


Hibiscus Garden of Bermuda

The Hibiscus garden is located in the Botanical Garden which has more than 150 species of hibiscus flowers. The beauty of hibiscus is primarily its colors, and here the hibiscuses grow in range of purple, yellow, red, rose, pink colors.


The beauty of the Hibiscus Garden makes the visitor to stand still, and sometimes they forget to breathe too! And, the butterflies fly around the garden and sit on the hibiscus to intake the sweetness of the flower that makes a nice show for the visitors.

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, St.George, BM


A historic garden in Bermuda!

 Somers Garden is one of the beautiful green gardens located in St. George, Bermuda. The garden is named after Sir George Somers who is believed to be the founder of Bermuda, and it also has the prolonged history.


The garden area is vast and also filled with many green plants, trees, and bushes. It also has wooden chairs to sit out on, relax and enjoy the beautiful trees in day time. The sit out areas are mostly shady with big trees and the corners are planted with attractive flowers, which makes the visitors day pleased!

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, , BM


Arboretum filled with flora!

 In Bermuda, there are wide collections of flora in public places, and this can be mostly found in arboretums. These flora plants and trees give a wonderful view to the visitors. Many species of flora and of various range is grown in the arboretums.


Popular species of flora includes Agapanthus, lily, Bird of paradise, Bougainvillea, Bay grape, Sago palm, Delonix regia, water hyacinth, Loquats, Hibiscus, Freesias, and many more grow in the arboretum of Bermuda. These floras are very attractive and also serve their purpose for birds and flies. 

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, , BM


A Rose Society in Bermuda

Everyone loves roses, right? Bermuda gardens roses bloom especially in the months of October through May. Here, they formed a group called “Bermuda Rose Society” and they plant rose gardens in the Bermuda Government Tulo Valley Nursery in Spanish Point Bermuda. The group members contribute by bringing their own seeds and water and maintaining the plants. 


The group conducts meetings in the rose bloom months, and shares their own thoughts about the protection and improvements needed for the green environment. They also designed a website to describe their activities, gallery of roses, events, and articles and much more. This garden and arboretum in Bermuda is fantastic.

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P.O.Box HM1141, Hamilton, BM


Join the Gardens Club!

 If you are interested in horticulture, floral designs and arts, here is the best place for you to join and share your work. To become a member, download the application form from the website posted here and go ahead!


Gardens Club conducts various activities including gardening of fruits, vegetables, flowers and floral arts. The club provides many unique opportunities to the members through learning of new skills, spend days with fun, make new friends, network and participate in garden shows/art exhibitions. Check out this Bermuda garden and arboretum association.

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Devonshire Parish, Bermuda, BM


Arboretum: A beautiful attraction in Bermuda!

 The Botanical Gardens walking tour takes 90 minutes from the visitors center.  Make sure you do not miss these sections of the garden: Bermuda Cedars (collection of rare species in the world), Camden House (official residence of Bermuda Premiere), and Masterworks Art Museum.


Rose garden and Kitchen garden located behind the Camden House, welcome the visitors with graceful aroma and beauty. The birds like Peacocks, Ducks, and other birds fly around the garden rhyming their sweet melodies. Don't miss this garden and arboretum in Bermuda!

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Devonshire Parish, , BM


Nice hangout place for kids!

Bermuda Arboretum is not only for adults, of course this is a wonderful place for kids too. Kids enjoy more than adults, as they kick their balls around the trees and swing on the hanging roots of Indian laurel trees. 


In midst of their daily electronic interactions with television and video games, they will be more surprised to see the secret gardens and loads of trees for a difference. This place would make the day of every kids visit to this Bermuda garden and arboretum.

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, Devonshire Parish, BM


The ultimate location for nature and wedding photographs!

Bermuda Arboretum is a wonderful location for photographers, with a lovely scenic view around the garden. Many of the wedding photo shoot happens here, as they get a chance to click real nature photography in the background of wedding couples.


One will not miss the chance to create an album of photographs taken in this Bermuda garden and arboretum, as each photo echoes the beauty of nature with them. No photographers in Bermuda will want to miss this golden opportunity!

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61 Pitts Bay Road, Hamilton, BM


Hotels near Bermuda Arboretum

People who know about Bermuda Arboretum, will sure look for hotels near this place. Try this location for your leisure stay and enjoy the beauty of this BM garden and arboretum even after sunset!


Rosedon Hotel is centrally located only 5 minutes away from the Hamilton Arboretum. This place is surrounded by lush tropical gardens with a private pool that offers a quiet place to happily spend your holidays with nature during most times.

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60 South Shore Road, Paget, BM


A motorcycle visit to the arboretum!

If you are planning for an arboretum visit, adults and kids won’t go without stopping at Elbow Beach Cycles. Here you can rent Cycles, Gas Scooters, Electric Bikes, Scooters, Mopeds and even Mountain Bikes too. Anyone can book rental scooters online because this is a good user friendly website.


Elbow Beach cycles offer special offers frequently, and this has very good customer reviews. To add on, to make the guests happy the store offers various services including Business Services, Group bookings, and safe driving tips. This is the best way to see the gardens and arboretums in Bermuda!

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