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Best Bermuda Bars

Have some of the most unique and exotic drinks of your life tonight. Bermuda is famous for many drinks, such as the Rum Swizzle and the Dark-n-Stormy. Try one of these drinks tonight at one of the best Bermuda bars below.

103 Front Street, Hamilton, BM HM 12

Bermuda Bistro at the Beach Best Bermuda Bars

Quench Your Thirst and Fill Your Belly

Open from 10 am to 7 pm from Monday to Thursday and 10 am to 8 pm from Friday to Sunday, Bermuda Bistro at the Beach is the best place to quench your thirst with great beers and fill your belly with sumptuous cuisines.


This is the perfect place to hang out during the day or night and have the best island experience. Step away from reality and enjoy creating unforgettable memories and moments with your family or friends at the Bermuda Bistro at the Beach.

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Emporium Building 69 Front Street, Hamilton Pembrooke Parish, BM HM 12

Flanagan's Irish Pub Best Bermuda Bars

Bermuda's Very Own Irish Pub

Enjoy the finest Irish dining and wining at Flanagan's Irish Pub, one of Bermuda's very own Irish pubs. Open from Monday to Friday 11 am to 1 am and Saturday to Sunday from 9 am to 1 am, you can enjoy the extraordinary drinks with the rest of Bermuda locals.


With a great atmosphere and a cozy setting, Flanagan's Irish Pub is also family friendly with different meals on the menu for both adults and kids. Enjoy a great day or night out with friends or family at Flanagan's Irish Pub.

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121 Front Street, Hamilton, BM HM 19

Docksider Best Bermuda Bars

Exquisite Wining and Dining Experience

Enjoy the best and most exquisite wining and dining experience from Bermuda's best bars, thanks to Docksider. Open from 10 am to 10 pm every day of the week, Docksider is recognized as Bermuda's number one sports establishment.


If you are looking for a great way to spend your Friday nights, your search stops here. At Docksider you can spend the evening with your friends as you enjoy the Happy Hour which starts at 4 pm and ends at 8 pm every day of the week.

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5 Burnaby Hill Pembrooke Parish, Hamilton, BM

Barracuda Grill Best Bermuda Bars

Bermuda's Best Sea Food, Chips and Drinks

A night at the Barracuda Grill in Bermuda will definitely be unforgettable. Being the perfect hang out for friends and colleagues looking for a getaway to celebrate Bermuda's nightlife, Barracuda Grill is a classy establishment that offers a refined and cozy atmosphere for all patrons to enjoy.


With an exceptional ambiance, an extensive drink menu, different cuisines and much more, enjoy the very best that Bermuda has to offer at the Barracuda Grill, one of the best bars in Bermuda.

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69 South Road, Southampton, BM SN 02

Henry VIII Best Bermuda Bars

Restaurant, Sushi Bar and Pub

Since it was officially opened over 40 years ago, Henry VIII has become renowned as a fine dining and wining experience in Bermuda that offers extensive drinks, the best sushi in Bermuda and many other cuisines. Every day and night, this establishment opens its doors to numerous Bermuda locals looking for a good time.


With great entertainment, great food and the perfect ambiance, Henry VIII is the place to be any time you might be looking for an escape from your woes.

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5 Burnaby Hill Pembrooke Parish, Hamilton, BM

The Hog Penny Pub Best Bermuda Bars

Extensive Drinks and Cuisines

Since it was established in the year 1957, The Hog Penny Pub continues to be a favorite hangout spot for most Bermuda residents among other tourists. Renowned for serving numerous drinks and cuisines, this bar has been dubbed one among Bermuda's best bars.


Providing lively entertainment every day and night in the perfect cozy and refined setting, the Hog Penny Pub is the place to visit if you need to get away from your monotonous life and hang out with friends as you dance the night away.

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29 Victoria Street, Hamilton, BM HM 10

Victoria Grill Best Bermuda Bars

Favorite Bermuda Drinking Establishment

By every definition, the Victoria Grill is definitely a refined and renowned drinking establishment frequented by numerous Bermuda residents and tourists. Popular for its cozy atmosphere and extensive cuisines, the Victoria Grill offers everyone a safe place to enjoy different meals and drinks.


Visit the Victoria Grill with friends and enjoy some of the best cuisines from all over the world among drinks as you dance the night away and have a good time.

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4 Maritime Lane, Royal Naval Dockyard, BM MA 01

Frog and Onion Pub Best Bermuda Bars

Drinks and Meals For All

Any night out in Bermuda is culminated with great drinks and meals. However, without the right place for such an event, you can't claim to have celebrated a night out in Bermuda. Thanks to the Frog and Onion Pub you can enjoy what one of the best bars in Bermuda has to offer.


At Frog and Onion, you can enjoy the extensive menu of both cuisines and drinks and have a great time with friends, family or colleagues. Enjoy a great getaway from your day to day life at the Frog and Onion Pub in Bermuda.

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53 Front Street, Pembrooke Parish Hamilton, BM

The Pickled Onion best bermuda bars

Cosmopolitan and Trendy Nightlife in Bermuda

Being an upscale nightspot in Bermuda, the Pickled Onion brings a cosmopolitan and trendy experience to every patron every night of the week. With a classy atmosphere and drinks to go all around with exquisite cuisines, the Pickled Onion has been dubbed one of Bermuda's best bars.


Have a great night at the Pickled Onion with friends or by yourself and become part of the much celebrated Bermuda nightlife as you dance and drink the night away.

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32 Bermudian Road, Hamilton, BM HM 11

Little Venice Wine Bar Best Bermuda Bars

For The Best Wining Experience in Bermuda

Wine lovers in Bermuda can now relax and enjoy the best wine collection on the island at the Little Venice Wine Bar. With different wines from Italy and many other places renowned for wine, this is the place to enjoy different types of wine from all over the world.


Little Venice Wine Bar is renowned as the home of the best wine in Bermuda serving all wine lovers for a very long time. Have a classy night out with friends at the Little Venice Wine Bar, and create unforgettable memories to last forever.

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