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Outdoor Activities Bermuda

If you are a local or tourist looking for adventure check out our guide to Bermuda's craziest and best outdoor activities. From skydiving to water skiing to scuba diving, we have every type of outdoor adventure you could want to try in Bermuda.


    What better what to get an exhilarating rush then go jet skiing in Bermuda. It doesn't matter if it is your first time or one hundredth time. We list the best places in Bermuda to rent a jet ski or to learn how to jet ski.


    If you love to be in the water and explore the deep seas, make sure you scuba dive when you are in Bermuda. If you are an expert or a beginner it doesn't matter. Find the best scuba diving places in Bermuda to go  right here!


    If you love to be in the ocean and you want to see the amazing creatures under the water when you are in Bermuda, you should consider going snorkeling. See some of the tropical fish in their natural habitats. We have a guide to the reefs to go to when you are snorkeling in Bermuda. 


    See the island in a total new way by going horseback riding in BM. Go around the island and experience the beauty in a way that you have never done before. Perfect for both beginners and more advanced riders, these companies will show you the best of the island.


    For both safety reasons and for fun, these shooting ranges in BM have controlled environments where you can safely fire off a few rounds. If this is something that you are interested in, look through this guide and find the range that you would want to go to the most.


    If you love to ski and you love the ocean, why not combine the two? Check out our guide to the best places in Bermuda to water ski. For the expert or first timer, our list will tell you where to go water skiing to fit your skills when you are in Bermuda.







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