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Bermuda Antiques

If you want to take home a nice authentic souvenir after your vacation check out the Bermuda antiques. Bring home a piece of the island that will remind you of your trip forever. We have a complete guide to the antiques you can find in Bermuda.

Servicing the greater Bermuda area, ,


Treasures in Antiquity

People who love to collect antiques will surely enjoy a visit to Anthony Pettit's antique store in Bermuda. They have different antique items from maps, books, paintings, letters, documents, manuscripts, pamphlets, bottles and flasks. They also have ephemera such as posters, brochures and photographs. The items they have are related to Bermuda.

Aside from the items listed above, they also have antique maps of Bellin, Baleu, Bonne, Bowen, Chatelain, Coronolli Gore, Covens, Fullarton and Colton. 

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7 Mill Reach Lane, Pembroke, BM HM 05


Various types of antiques are in one place

The Bermuda Brickyard has started their journey in 1994 through a great job of repairing the historic Old Devonshire Post Office using reclaimed antique building products like Old Chicago Brick and Antique Heart Pine. The company, Bermuda Brickyard, provides and installs their products to both business and residential, traditional and contemporary projects throughout Bermuda.


The Bermuda Brickyard always believes in providing their products at reasonable prices and also giving their best effort to satisfy their customers. 

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20 Dundonald Street, Hamilton, BM HM12


Welcome to Auction De Mitra

 The Auction De Mitra is one of the best local antiques and furniture consignment stores in Bermuda. Since 2004, it has developed a well-earned reputation for offering a wide variety of quality antiques, hand knit Persian rugs, Bermuda cedar doors, and furnishings all at affordable prices.


The actual aim of the Auction De Mitra is to serve the people of Bermuda by providing the best quality antiques at the most reasonable prices. So if you want to have an excellent antique at a low budget please don't forget to contact the Auction De Mitra.

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12 Church Street Hamilton, Hamilton, BM HM 11


A company with proper training on antiques

 The Nicholas Lusher Antiques and Fine Art is one of the world famous companies related to antiques and fine arts. Nicholas Lusher is the owner and director of the company Nicholas Lusher Antiques and Fine Art which is presently trading in Bermuda. This famous company aims to trade items of beauty, history and cultural significance.


The company owner has bought and sold Bermuda-related antiques & fine art for his entire professional career of over 30 years.

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99 Middle Road, Devonshire, BM DV06


A place to get the finest antiques

 The Bermuda Antique Restoration is one of the finest places to create antiques because it has devoted craftsmen who are well trained and use only the finest materials and methods. The Bermuda Antique Restoration also offers the highest level of care and attention to provide the best antiques to their customers.


The Bermuda Antique Restoration can also be the best destination to collect the excellent and finest antiques because it provides the guaranteed excellence of their work.

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