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Public Art in Bermuda

If you are an art lover looking for interesting pieces of art for free check out our complete guide to the best public art spots in Bermuda. From sculptures to statues to graffiti paintings, we have them all. When you are in Bermuda you must check out these pieces of public art.

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1 St David's Road, St George's, BM DD 01


An Outdoor Adventure

 If you want to enjoy some adventure, St. David's Lighthouse is a place for you in Bermuda. It was built in 1879 to guide ships to be safe of the hidden reefs in the water. It took three years to build this 55-ft structure and the light was activated in 1879. It sends its beam 20 miles over the ocean.


From the balcony at the top, the view is spectacular. There are about 85 steps to climb to get to the top. This lighthouse is opened daily from 7:30 am to 4 pm. Sometimes it is closed for maintenance. St. David's Lighthouse is a great place to see some groups of humpback whales passing through Bermuda waters in April and May. Visit this Bermuda public art location today!

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15 Coot Pond Road, St. George's Parish, Bermuda GE 03


Historic Military Art at Fort St. Catherine

This original fort was built around 1614. Bermuda's first governor, Richard Moore built it. It was built to defend Bermuda mainly from Spanish attacks. This fort is surrounded by a dry moat. It is accessed by a drawbridge. This fort has a large number of ramparts, redoubts, towers and tunnels. St. Catherine Fort has many artifacts, historic exhibits and a well preserved interior.  


This fort is opened daily from 10 am to 4 pm. You may have a thrilling experience in a lower chamber, believed to be haunted. You can listen to "George the Ghost" chanting. This fort is one of the most impressive forts in Bermuda. It houses a museum in its great structure. If you are a true historic art lover and would love to see Bermuda's public art, you must visit Fort St. Catherine.

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40 Crow Lane Pembroke, Hamilton, BM HM 19


BUEI, Bermuda's Under Water Public Art

Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) was opened in 1997. Understanding the mysteries of the ocean is the purpose of BUEI. And this purpose is done by eye-popping artifacts and exhibits. Here you'll find some rare collections of early diving gears at BUEI. 


Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute is all about amazement, excitement and education. You can find it opened on weekdays (Monday-Friday) between 10 am and 5 pm. On weekends, timing is between 10 am and 4 pm. BUEI is there to advance the knowledge, appreciation and understanding of the ocean. Special events like, whale-watching and lectures are also available to amuse you at BUEI.

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8 Crystal Caves Road, Hamilton, BM 105


Crystal Caves in Hamilton Parish

 Crystal caves was discovered by two young boys, in 1907. They were finding there lost ball. They entered through a thin hole which is still visible. But if you want to go here, there is a separate entrance made now. In Crystal Caves complex you can avail a guided tour. After every 20 minutes a guided tour takes place. Opening hours of Crystal Caves complex are 9 am to 5 pm daily. Last combined guided tour is at 4:30 pm. 


There is another cave named Fantasy caves in the same complex. It takes 30 minutes to visit one and 75 minutes to visit both. A small gift shop is located near Crystal Caves named "Fiddlestix". There is a cafe called "Cafe Olé" having a menu of light meals, beverages, snacks and shaded tables to sit. Check out this beautiful piece of public art in Bermuda!

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40 North Shore Road, Hamilton, BM 105


BAMZ, A Top Attraction in Bermuda

 BAMZ is a short name for Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo. It was founded in 1926. Here, an aquarium, museum and zoo are three attractions in one complex. It will take a total of 2-3 hours to visit all of BAMZ. A one hour free guided tour takes place here. It takes place at 1:10 pm daily during the season and in other months it takes place only on Saturdays and Sundays. The primary attraction is the aquarium.

BAMZ is open daily between 9 am and 5 pm. The BAMZ museum has two sections. The first section shows the natural history of Bermuda and the second shows the impact of humans. The zoo is quiet small in BAMZ. There is a very natural environment for animals. Make a family visit soon to BAMZ and experience amazing Bermuda public art.

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4 Maritime Lane, Sandys, BM MA66


For Public Art Lovers in Bermuda

 If you are an art lover than this is the right place for you. This workshop was opened in 1984. This place serves you with great features like funky art, good service, great website, handmade work, hot spots, interior design porn, limited edition designs, modern work, and window shopping.  


Hours are Tue-Fri: 11:00am to 4:00pm, Sat-Sun: 10:00am to 5:00pm. They exhibit original artwork like paintings, sculptures, jewelry and pottery by local artists.

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33 Duke of York Street, St George's, BM 105


St. Peters Church

 This church is located in the historic town of St. George. It is believed to be the oldest Anglican church continually used in the western hemisphere. This church replaced a 1612 structure made of wooden posts and palmetto leaves. It was destroyed in a storm.  


The front of St. Peters Church is over 500 years old. The first settlers brought it to Bermuda. There are two graveyards outside the churchyard. Like many other churches in Bermuda, St. Peters Church also has a gallery on the western side. This gallery was built in early 1700s.  The church hours are from 10 am to 4 pm daily, and Sunday service at 11:15 am. Monday to Saturday a guide is available here. Visit this public art location in BM today!

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11 Washington Street, Hamilton, Bermuda 105


Musical & Dramatic Society at Daylesford Theatre

This society is in Daylesford Theatre, located on Washington Street (Behind City Hall) between Dundonald Street and Park Road., opposite the Victoria Park, Wheels Cycles and IBC/ZipX. It was founded in 1945. BMDS (Bermuda Musical and Dramatic Society) has been a source of enjoyment for those who love music and drama. Opening hours are Monday - Friday 5 pm - 11 pm.


 To join them and watch there productions visit or call the box office at Daylesford, on Dundonald Street, for reservations and information. Tickets are about $25. Check out these public art productions in Bermuda now!

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17 Church Street, Hamilton, Bermuda 105


Society of Artists in Bermuda

The BSoA (Bermuda Society of Arts) is the oldest arts organization, which was established in Bermuda. It was formed in 1952. The vision of the Bermuda Society of Art is to maintain the primary gallery of visual art by supporting the privilege of expression in a democratic society, in Bermuda. The gallery opening hours are Monday-Friday 10 am to 4 pm, Saturdays 10 am to 2 pm, Sundays & Public Holiday closed.


For other details on this BM public art location email bsoa@ibl.bm.

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68 St. Anne’s Road, Southampton Parish, Bermuda SN 02


Panoramic view of Bermuda and its shoreline

 Gibbs Hill Lighthouse stands on a hill located in the Southhampton Parish of Bermuda. The Lighthouse has a height of 177-ft. This is the oldest cast iron lighthouse in the world. It was built in 1846. Get a 360-degree view of Bermuda and its shoreline from the balcony at the top of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.  


This lighthouse is open daily from 9 am to 4:30 pm. It's closed on Christmas and otherwise in February for maintenance. You'll have to climb 185 steps to get to the top of the Lighthouse. Take it easy, the climb is not as tough as it might appear. This is truly a piece of public art in BM.

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